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Gasthof Vorderseite

"Sellhorns Gasthof" is well-known as a popular destination in the country, in the north of Hamburg. We offer you our traditional "Holsteiner" (northern-germany / home-style) cuisine, comfortable residance in our (***) Hotel and several rooms for your business or private event

("Holstein" is the south half of Schleswig-Holstein, it's the region surrounding the northern part of Hamburg).

We are member of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Schleswig-Holstein). We are an apprenticing company for qualified hotel assistants, qualified restaurant assistants and cooks.

Hotel rooms & prices

Single room € 50,00
Two-bed room € 75,00
Double room € 75,00
Three-bed room € 90,00
Extra charge for a dog €   5,00
Telephone, Price per unit €   0,30
Breakfast per person €   9,00

Value added tax (VAT) included.
Free parking spaces are available.

We are sorry to say, our WLAN-Hotspot ("WiFi") is at the moment, in August 2018, out of order. The new Hotspot with cost-free WLAN will be installed soon. Please ask for details.

Premises (rooms)

Festsaal (ballroom)

Quiet, well lighted room for your event. There's access to our front-side terrace. The room is equipped with a seperated bar counter. A flip chart, an overhead-projector and a canvas are available, for other multimedia equipment, music, lights or flower arrangements please contact us in advance.

Our beautiful garden can be used, e.g. for photography.

seating options:
"E" seating arrangement 90 persons
"U" seating arrangement 60 persons
parliamentary style seating 50 persons
theater style (chairs only) 120 persons
block table 30 persons

Gaststätte (tavern)

Here you find "German Gemuetlichkeit" (german cozy atmosphere). The main bar counter is located here.

Kegelbahn (ninepins alley)

A room for up to 15 persons with the adjacend two ninepins alleys. Enjoy german "Kegel" sport, as a highlight of your private party or after a hard seminar work day. It's not bowling - you have 9 pins, the balls have no holes, and the alleys are rounded (not plain). Our ninepins alleys have the seal of quality called "Bundeskegelbahn".


Enjoy our famous cuisine in a separated room, for groups up to 20 persons.

The Restaurant can be connected to the Festsaal using a folding door, e.g. for the buffet or the D.J.

Panorama (breakfast room)

Well lighted meeting room in mediterranean style, with access to our garden an the back-sided terrace.

seating options:
"U" seating arrangement 20 persons
 block table 30 persons


The next event is "Gourmet Menü" at the 25.12.15. Please book in advance.

The latest special in the cuisine is "Autumns dishes" and "Dishes with holsteiner apples", see below under dishes.


Visit our "Holsteiner" German cuisine with regional and maritime highlights.

Lunch Menu

We offer a changing lunch menu (main course and dessert) on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, between 12:00 and 14:00 o'clock (€ 6,80 in the week, € 8,00 on Sunday). Vegetarian dish by appointment.

Please book in advance!


Special (saisonal)

Starter Soups Salads Meat dishes Fish dishes Delicacies


Special - Saisonal dishes

This is chainging periodically... EUR ...
 In 2018 our offer and the prices have slightly changed. We are sorry, the following has not been actualisized yet.  

Starter (hors d'oeuvre)

Small salad dish with quince dressing

EUR 4,10

King prawns roasted in olive-garlic-oil, warm bread. EUR 11,80
Baked Sheep's-Cheese with Tomatoes and spring onions, warm bread. EUR 9,50


Parisian onion soup EUR 4,10
Piquant home-made goulash soup EUR 3,90
Tomato soup EUR 4,10
Cheese soup with croûtons EUR 4,20

Soup of the day (please ask our service)

EUR 4,10


Vitamins pure - our salad variations

Salad dish „Tangstedt“
Thereto we hand baguette bread with garlic and fresh herbs
EUR 13,50
Big salad dish „Chefsalat“
With stripes of cheese and boiled ham, fine-aromatic dressing and baguette bread
EUR 11,60

Salad dish „poultry“
Big, varied salad dish with home-made dressing, grilled poultry stripes and baguette bread

EUR 11,90


Meat dishes

Our "Tangstedt" pan
Served in a pan.
Médaillons of beef and pork on sauté potatoes, with cream mushrooms and a salad dish

EUR 19,80
From the leg of pork (filled with cheese), with sweet butter peas and golden brown sauté potatoes
EUR 16,60
Chicken breast "Geschnetzeltes" (thin, sautéed strips of meat in a sauce)
with paprika, green onions (escallion), butter "Spätzle" (swabian egg noodles) and a salad dish.
EUR 15,80
Tender pork escalope
in a white bread couting, with ragout from tomatoes and onions, sauté potatoes and a salad dish
EUR 14,80
Rump steak
pink-roasted, whith onions, butter beans, sauté potatoes and a salad dish
EUR 19,50

Grill platter „Sellhorn“
Different types of grilled meat, with onions, garlic butter, roasted potato wedges and a salad dish


EUR 16,50


Fish dishes


Hamburgian "Pannfisch" (roastet fish fillet)
Golden brown roasted fish covered with a light mustard sauce, with sauté potaoes. Thereto we serve a salad dish

EUR 15,10
Fish pan "Tangstedt"
Various fish fillets on leaf spinach, with buttered rice and a salad dish
EUR 13,95
Fish fillet
roasted in butter, served on a tomato-onions-ragout, served with butter rice and a salad dish
EUR 15,20
Plaice fillets „Sellhorn“
Served with red lentils, a honey-dill-sauce, potato gnocchis and a small salad dish
EUR 13,90



cold and hot delicacies


sour meat in jelly (cooked pork meat with vinegar and gelatin, served cold)
cooked following an old recipe of the family. Served with gold brown sauté potatoes and tatare sauce.

EUR 14,10
Farmer's breakfast
We serve an egg omelette following grandmothers recipe, with a folding fan of pickled cucumber and a covering of raw ham cubes
EUR 10,80
Tangstedt spinach pan
Seasoned with onions and cream, au gratin (vegetarian)
EUR 9,80
Lady's toast
Litlle pork médaillons on wheat toast, whith a folding fan of peach and a covering of cheese au gratin
EUR 11,20
Gentleman's toast
Litlle beef médaillons on wheat toast, whith cream mushrooms and a covering of cheese au gratin
EUR 12,80
Two camenbert (french-style cheese) baked
With peach, pineapple, lingonberry and cream. With it we serve wheat toast and country butter
EUR 10,80

Roast beef (served cold)
With sauté potatoes and tatare sauce

EUR 16,20
Cheese "Spätzle" (swabian egg noodles)
With onions and cheese au gratin. With it we serve a salad dish
EUR 12,50
HIf you have different wishes, or you would like a small portion, please ask our service!

All prices include value-added tax (vat) and service.


We offer you four kinds of draught beer ("Dithmarscher Pilsener", "Bitburger Pilsener", "Köstrizer Schwarzbeer" (dark beer) and "Schneider Weiße" (wheat beer)). Beer combined with lemon sherbet is called "Alsterwasser" (that means, water from the river Alster in Hamburg).

In bottles we serve nonalcolohlic (ok, drunk too much) nonalcoholic beer "Jever Fun" and nonalcoholic wheat beer.

Of course you can get a great variaty of juices and softdrinks. Juice (e.g. apple, maracuja, rhabarber (pieplant), ananas (pineapple)) mixed with mineral water is called "Schorle" (spritzer). Cola and orange limonade is "Spezi" (derived from "special").

Warm drinks include coffee, milk coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, hot chocolate and teas. Especially our coffee is hand-made using exclusive single-origin columbian coffea arabica.

Our vine cellar comes with high quality wines (white, red and rosé). Also we serve different kinds of german fruit brandies and other common spirits.

Please look at "Getränke" (drinks) for details.

Location / route description

Please look at "Anfahrt" for a route map.

Our Address is

Sellhorns Gasthof GbR
Dorfstraße 118
25499 Tangstedt

Travelling by car:

Coming from Autobahn A7: exit #21 "Quickborn", direction to Pinneberg, in Quickborn centre go left to "Hasloh", and there right to Tangstedt, regarding the signs.
Coming from Autobahn A23: exit #17 "Pinneberg Mitte", direction to Rellingen, after 600m left hand side to Tangstedt.

If coming from Hamburg (A7, elbe tunnel), you should drive at exit #25 "Dreieck Nordwest" on the right side, changing to A23.

Attention! If you use a navi (GPS), please enter the postcode 25499, because there is another Tangstedt in the north-east of Hamburg, only 23 km away! Google Maps always shows the other Tangstedt, if no code is specified.

Travelling by train / airplane:

If you arrive by train: With "S"-train (city railway) exit "Thesdorf" (S3 or S21), than take a taxi (about 5 km). With local train exit "Pinneberg", go out at the city side (north) and then by taxi (6 km). With the "AKN"-train exit "Hasloh", then ca. 6 km by taxi.

From the airport (Fuhlsbüttel) take a taxi (18 km, appr. 40 €. Say "Tangstedt bei Pinneberg" to the driver), or call us in advance to organize a shuttle-service (appr. € 25 - 30). If you take the "S"-train, you'll have to change the line from S1 to S3 between Central Station and Altona. Just go out, wait about 5 minutes, and enter the next train. The airport station is a terminus, so don't worry about the direction there. You need a "greater hamburg area" ticket (€ 3,10).

Thank you for your attention, we look forward to your visit in Tangstedt.

The Team of Sellhorns Gasthof.



To be continued...

Dorfstaße 118 · 25499 Tangstedt

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Tel: 04101 - 37 37 0
Fax: 04101 - 51 31 91
Dorfstaße 118  ·  25499 Tangstedt  ·  Tel: 04101 - 37 37 0  ·  Fax: 04101 - 51 31 91

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